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Real Benefits of Beard Conditioners

When I worked at a grocery store many years ago stocking products in the health section, I remember thinking how silly scalp conditioners for bald guys and beard shampoos seemed. But of course, at that time my experience with beards was limited to an early 2000s...

About Actualized Health

Actualized Health is a website founded to contribute meaningfully to the health and wellness discussion. There’s a lot of noise on the web, and a lot of totally unfounded claims about diet, supplements, or lifestyle habits.

The goal here is to compile information from credible sources for easy user reference, and to augment the plethora of legit medical websites that don’t always get the attention they deserve.

Content is generally either based on anecdotal experience by author or the contentions of medical and science professionals, wherever possible.

While the site may include ads or affiliate links to support the efforts of building all the content ongoingly, we are not selling anything directly and therefore try to avoid hype or simple hearsay for content. We are not affiliated with any multilevel marketing products.

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Each person’s journey toward self understanding, in terms of life purpose and acceptance of one’s place in the world. Without this, people tend to feel aimless, unfulfilled, and often frustrated. Finding purpose is a lot tougher than simply asking, “What drives me?” though it’s a great place to start.

Hair & Beard Care

There are plenty of beauty sites out there for women. But if you’ve ever tried to grow a full beard, you’ve probably noticed that once it hits a certain length it gets tricky to style. This section, among other things, shares tips from beard superstars on how they keep it real.

Lifestyle: Food & Diet

No trend diets or fads. If we discuss a particular diet it’s to assess legitimacy based on research and anecdotal experience. Otherwise, we’ll cover general nutritional and exercise knowledge you can use right away to improve energy and live healthier.